New Construction Methods

DLM are starting a very unique project on the south coast cliffs using insulated concrete formwork (ICF). ICF is a sacrificial polystyrene shutter that produces a very robust and thermally efficient structure to the building. It is a building method that is growing rapidly in popularity due to its speed of construction and benefits in sustainability as we move toward ‘zero carbon’ homes, think vastly reduced energy bills and minimal space-heating requirement.

In this instance the ICF system is manufactured by Charcon, a sister company of local firm Ronez, and is the first time this product has been used on Guernsey. DLM be working closely with Ronez to ensure a successful first project in the hope that it being used more extensively over the island.

The DLM team were fortunate enough to be invited to the UK by Charcon to see their ICF product in various stages of construction across 3 live projects, and were impressed with the standard and scope of the resulting builds.

Whilst we were there we also viewed a product called Hollow-Core. It has the benefits of being very robust and efficient structurally, and very fast to construct.

This project promises to be a very unique home that pushes conventional boundaries with the latest construction techniques.


Le Vieil Puit

This project has been designed to create an additional 1000 square feet of accommodation to an existing traditional farm house. We are now into month four of a nine month construction programme and works are progressing well, with external walls erected and roof works nearing completion. From the roadside, a traditional granite facade and pitched slate roof enclose a contrasting contemporary south and west facing extension. This largely glazed frontage hosts a 7.5m wide sliding door system at ground floor and an inset balcony at first floor, both of which boasting frameless glass corners to provide uninterrupted views of our Islands’ enviable West Coast.

The build is being undertaken by ‘Rocks & Blocks’ Ltd, a local contractor with a highly skilled labour force trained in traditional construction skills. The introduction of a full scaffold and canopy around the building has meant that despite the inclement weather over the winter months, building work has remained uninterrupted throughout. DLM Architects are contract administrating this project under a JCT Minor Works 2011 form of contract and have obtained all the necessary Planning and Building Control Permissions on behalf of our client.


Digital Greenhouse

Fit out works continue at the Digital Greenhouse Guernsey in preparation for the opening later this month. To allow flexibility, we have designed a series of tables, benches and screens that can be moved and adapted to suit the required use. Various designs are CNC routered into the surface to relate to the digital emphasis on the working space, with a modular clamp system and powder coated framework providing a robust yet slender structure to maximise the internal flow of light into the deep footprint of the building. Finished photos to follow soon.

Coupe De Coeur

Works are progressing well at Coup de Coeur, a new build open market property hidden away in rural St Peter, overlooking the stunning West Coast. Since demolishing the existing two storey property back in June, extensive excavations have been carried out to make way for creation of this exceptional 7000 square foot home.

What makes this property different from every other home on the island is it’s form of construction, this is the first dwelling on island to be constructed in Styrostone, a brand name for Insulated Concrete Formwork (ICF). Blocks of expanded polystyrene are simply put together like Lego and concrete is poured into the voids in the blocks resulting in an incredibly robust and energy efficient building envelope. Utilising this form of construction is also very quick, walls can be built up to 3 metres high in one pour and left out in the elements without detrimental effects. The task of getting wind and water tight at an early stage is further facilitated by windows and doors being ordered prior to construction commencing, because the whole system is modularised.

We at DLM are very excited about ICF and the possibilities of it’s future use within the Bailiwick, if you’re embarking on a extension or new build property, perhaps you’d consider building in ICF.



Planning Exempt Garden Studio

Prior to the demolition of Maru A Pula, we constructed this garden studio within the parameters of the Environment Department’s Planning exemptions.

An incredibly versatile and functional space within a 20 square metre footprint that has provided the client day-to-day retreat when on site, but will also provide a working studio in the future.

Contact us if you would like anymore information regarding the planning exemptions and what you can add to your home.