Planning Permission for Les Massies

We are very pleased to share with you that one of our residential projects has just obtained planning permission!

Les Massies Farm is a historical Guernsey farmhouse dating back to the 16th Century. It has continuously been altered and added to over the years, resulting in a legible patchwork of Guernsey’s Architectural Vernacular.

The brief was to design a contemporary extension, creating a modern living space in an otherwise very traditional home. Part of the process involved removing conservatories and additions that had been built in recent years.

When working with a building with such a rich history, it is important to take the right approach. Our response to the building was to identify the architectural value and significance present, and how best we might intervene without taking away from that. The first move was to remove the existing conservatory, and small lean-to’s that have been constructed up against the gable end of the farmhouse in recent years, in an attempt to simplify the massing present.

Our intervention then took a simple flat-roof form. The intention with the design to be understated, and to not draw attention away from the farmhouse. The extension ties through into the existing kitchen, drawing light into the older part of the house, which was previously limited by thick walls and small windows. An Oak frame forms a main design feature, helping to tie the more contemporary scheme into the farmhouse by using traditional construction methods.

The Environment department seems to agree with us on our chosen approach, and has nicely summarised the scheme with the following:

“The elements to be demolished comprise later additions to the traditional building group, and removal would not have any adverse impact on the character of the group. The proposed replacement extension follows the footprint of the existing structures but utilises a mix of traditional and modern materials to create a complementary but distinct addition to the farmhouse.”